NV25 Blog: 05-06…09

Last updated 2022-05-10


Had a great time staying with Karen and Dave Gillespie, as did Chris Hill, who got to fly Dave’s Sopwith Camel (and also get checked-out in the Chippie). Just a few snaps of our indulgence.

WP833 as she was tucked away after arrival on 05-04
An interesting find! Since she shut down OK the P-lead must have been on the point of parting company with the connector, and I probably pushed it over the edge while reaching in to clean up a little oil.
05-06: pre-first flight briefing
05-06: Smoke on !!
05-07: Camel flybys
05-07: Someone’s having fun flying a Chipmunk again – first time since he last flew G-AKDN.
05-08: Chris lining-up for Oliver’s 18
05-08: a pair of classics

05-08: Perhaps another pair?
Photo: Chris Hill
05-08: One last hop in 833 for me, enjoying the fabulous scenery from a fabulous vantage point.
05-08: Oh OK, I’ll make a couple of passes then !
Photo: Dave Gillespie
05-08: Our generous hosts. Many thanks
05-09: From a -1 at Oliver to a -8 at Kelowna (CYLW), both Downsview designs
05-09: just more buttons and knobs on the later design. They’ve got colour too!
05-09: … and then an Alaska Airlines A320, with wings manufactured on the same site as was WP833.
Gotta be prepared for the moment !! Photo: Captain Speaking.