NV25 Blog: 05-03

Last updated 2022-05-10


Now on our way northwards with a quick turnaround at Red Bluff then on to …. let’s call it O46 … then into Ashland, a lovely airfield in beautiful natural surroundings and an interesting town. And the beer was good.

Stats: 3.3 hrs logged, 2.6 hrs flown, 232 nm track.

Shasta Lake, showing the severity of a drought said to be the worst in over a millenium
Mount Shasta dominates the skyline for at least 100 miles in each direction
Here’s that same view (kinda), looking backwards
Abeam Mt. Shasta
Letting down into O46
Here’s a happy guy: he’s just done Weed (O46) in California
and he knows he’s just a 30 min leg from getting into Oregon and finding a burger and a few beers.
And this guy looks just as happy!
WP833 and Pilots’ Rock beyond (inbound Ashland)
Descending for the break, Ashland