NV25 Blog: 05-01

Last updated 2022-05-10

Departed Flabob 06h46 local, WP833 leading, via the Cahon Pass. Some IFR conditions near route and low cloud in valleys, plus headwind, made an early stop at Fox Field prudent. This immediately threw away the planned route – no surprises there!

Next to Reedley (appeared to be uninhabited), WG430 leading, and then Columbia (WP833 back in the lead), a lovely airfield with a decent grass strip (and camping – worth another visit). Finally to Lincoln with WG430 leading once again, where we were met by Susanne and Dan Flom, and WB684. Splendidly hosted at the Flom estate.

Stats: 5.5 hrs logged, 4.6 hrs flown, 381 nm track.

Lined-up, ready to fire-up
WG430 as we climb away from the Ontario Class C
First ‘zapping’ of the trip
… and a zapping from April 2021, on the fuel charging system. now replaced!
Flowing lenticulars over a range of hills, outbound from Fox
One can only fly wing for so long, especially in wx conditions like this, before the need to cavort takes over.
WG430 caught almost at the intersection of four fields
WG430, between Fox and Reedley, with the snow-covered Sierra Nevada along the horizon
3 mile initial for a break over Columbia. That’s a grass strip we’re headed for, not a hard surface.
Here’s a better view of Columbia field, taken on departure
Exactly who are the bums in this picture ?? (Columbia)
Lunchtime, parked-up by the camping area – Columbia
What else for lunch for two Brits flying their Chipmunks the length of California – English cheddar and Branston pickle sarnies
WB684 greets her sister-ships at Lincoln
N7185 is a beautifully-restored Beech 18 presented as a USMC C-45.
There are two small ironies here: firstly, its marked base, El Toro, is located about 8 miles from my home;
and secondly (given the primary focus of Northern Venture 25’s routing),
its true military career was with the RCAF with which it served from 1952-03 until 1968-07