NV25 Blog: 06-24/25

Last updated 2022-07-06


Two days in Yorkton, onward progress to schedule impeded by poor weather ahead and, to be honest, me a little ‘gun shy’ after my experience at Miller Field. So a trip back to the field on the 24th to get 833 looking a bit more presentable for when she does make it into CFB Winnipeg. I was surprised (and pleased) to learn that the previous night’s hail storm had actually not touched the airport.

Whilst at the field an RCAF CH-146 dropped-in and the crew stopped to chat for a bit. Afterwards they left as the best-presented flight crew in the whole RCAF, and I got a couple of quality souvenir patches too. Miccar decided they wanted to put 833 into their maintenance hangar, so we did that and then I borrowed one of their vehicles to get back into town (where I stayed all day on the 25th).

On the 25th I was lured to the ‘Rhythm and Ribs’ festival, apparently a Big Event in the town. The competition seemed very serious and each vendor had on display their stash of trophies, I guess for placings as Champ, runner-up and third place (I didn’t check the specifics of each trophy). I was left a little underwhlemed though – with only three vendors (and NO-ONE selling beer!) I guess everyone is guaranteed at least one trophy to show off the next year! The food was good though. I just can’t say (for fear of retribution) who’s food I bought and who I voted for (but it was great and I thought the maple/bacon cornbread was espcially good).

Here go the two best-attired aircrew in the whole RCAF!
… and for a fair trade.
And a zapped chopper !
WP833, cleaned, polished and looking splendid in Miccar’s mx hangar, with a turbo-Pawnee for company.
Yorkton Brick Flour Mill, built 1900, is now a heritage centre.
(Yes, the weather seems great, but storms abound)
Rotting wood on a wheel of a trailor
Who’da thought you’d get a trophy for sauce? When I was a kid, I’d get a clip ’round the ear for it!!
And two hours later …